Za Pizzeria

Est. 1998

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the reasoning behind the name Za pizzaria?

Well it's simple, you take the word pizza and subtract the piz. There's absolutely no real reasoning behind the name other than the fact that the two owners were a little lazy.

Is there call ahead seating?

Ehhhhh. Depends on the day, we usually like for your entire party to be there to be seated because we've witnessed too many people getting stood up and it's becoming painful to watch.

What's the best pizza?

All of them duh.

What farm do you source your local ingredients from?

We source our ingredients from Farmy Farm, located in rural Ohio. Farmy Farm doesn't include any pesticides in their production making it a no brainer for us pizza people who like all natural ingredients and nothing but the best for our customers. We receive shipments twice a week meaning you're always getting the best ingredients daily.

Do you cater to food allergies?

Unlike most places we understand people have allergies, and not everyone can enjoy walking through life with no food issues. Both of the owners have food allergies and wanted to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy Za Pizzaria no matter the food allergy. We have multiple menus that cater to a variety of food allergies.