Za Pizzeria

Est. 1998

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Za's Story

Back in 1998, a man named Preston Pesto was walking home from his dead end job in Manhattan, New York. Suddenly, his Nokia cellphone started to ring inside his pocket. It was his wife!

“The kids are hungry, Preston! Pick up some pizza on the way home, will ya?” His wife asked, exhaustedly.

“Of course, love.” Pesto answered.

Now Preston knew of many pizza places that were on his route home, so he made his way over to the closest one. It was closed. He made his way to the second, and the third places – closed. At last, the final option on his route home was open! Eager to get home to his wife and kids, Pesto bought a large, overpriced pizza and headed home.

When he got home, the family gathered around the pizza box and the kids squeaked, “Open it! Open it!”

Inside that pizza box, was the worst pizza in the history of pizza. Ever!

From that moment on Pesto vowed that no man should ever experience the night he just had – and in that moment, Za Pizzeria was born. Brooklynites from all over come to Za for not just a fantastic slice, but for an atmosphere no one else can provide. Stop in today!

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